Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

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***this product burned my skin so be very careful it was so messy it just got all over my arms and I didn’t wash it properly and now I have red bumps all over where the sticky stuff was!!***

So I saw this ad and thought to myself I got to try this!!
Here’s my first impression/Review tutorial video of how it went down lol.
Conclusion…. i think I will pay 50$ and get my nails done professionally 😉

Thank you @vorini for letting me try this product I look forward to trying more from your store 🙂

Check out more of their products here 🙂

Products Used:

ROSSI Master kit
Cuticle clipper
Nail file

More videos:


Adelaide “Desensitized” album: Seasons



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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

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  1. I was told there’d be snacks
    I was told there’d be snacks says:

    Poor you! You’re getting slammed in these comments! My first time wasn’t great, either. I used Makartt and watched a bunch of tutorials. Tip, start with your pinkies first. Alternate, left pinkie, right pinkie and so on. Also, after pressing dual form down, use the brush dipped in slip solution or isopropyl alcohol to wipe what oozes out. Then turn your finger over to pat down and shape the underside of nail as much as you can. Keep wiping brush and picker while waiting for one nail to cure (that side you used to push back cuticles) with alcohol to keep clean & avoid so much stickiness. And for god sakes, woman, lay down an old towel or table cloth to protect your tabletop! (That’s the 50 year old in me!) 😉
    Don’t give up! My first set was not so great, my second a little better. Some poly gels are stickier than others. Makartt is sticky, too. I watched a video from LongHairPrettyNails “Testing a Polygel kit from Amazon Prime – Gershion Polygel”. She had used previous poly gel kits and said she liked working with this one because it wasn’t as sticky. I’m trying to get rid of all my other little poly gels I received in the Makartt kit so I can buy this one & I can try it it out.

  2. Renae Mack
    Renae Mack says:

    I watched a video before this one and you did it completely different. I'm sure if you watch a successful video you will like it.

  3. Tahara Cranfill
    Tahara Cranfill says:

    To give a product a fair review you should definitely educate yourself on how to do something. This was done so so wrong. I honestly think you should go watch some videos and then try again you would love this stuff

  4. Toni Anderson
    Toni Anderson says:

    I would have started with my pinkie finger and worked to the middle finger and do the pointer and thumbs last to make it easier to apply and using that much for 1 nail has to be wrong.

  5. nikki lynn
    nikki lynn says:

    Oh my Lord. This is the perfect example of what Not to do. Smh. Never let product touch the skin. Too much product. No nail prep (why they fell off), no structure and completely wrong with application.

  6. Joanne Mcpherson
    Joanne Mcpherson says:

    You forgot to use a slip solution! 70% isopropyl alcohol is recommended on many tutorials. From the Rossi website; "Using your brush with a small amount of acetone or acetone free solution (we do not sell the slip solution), pat the product into place. "
    You're so right about the ads though…they make it look SO easy!

  7. jdmackay89
    jdmackay89 says:

    Maybe if you cut them to length first before you apply and add the small dab of the adhesive on all 10 nails and cure upside down so the light dries it. Then only apply a small amount to under the tips smoothly on all 10 but not the part the adheres to your natural nail. Then wait for that to harden then apply small amount to part that adheres to nail bed and cure. Basically opposite of what the nail salon does finally I would file and a clear coat to the top if you want shine. I love the hair color!

  8. Maya Adel
    Maya Adel says:

    Darling, try to focus a little bit more on drawing the pink Liquid on your nails and don't rush cause sticky stuff don't look good in any situation but i loved the idea of the vedio 💙💎🌹 by the way you look like lucy Lawless from Xenia warrior princess 👑 seriously wow ❤

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