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Here’s my quick 5 minute glowing makeup tutorial requiring NO FOUNDATION. With the help of a few key skincare products (prep), an awesome CC cream, and concealer you can totally achieve the “no makeup” makeup look. Enjoy!

Serum: Philosophy’s Time in a Bottle here
Moisturizer: First Aid Beauty Mattifying Gel (Oil-free)
Primer: Givenchy Mister Matte
CC Cream: Seacret
Eyebrows: It Cosmetics Universal Brow Pencil
Concealer: NARS Creamy Radiant in ‘Honey’
Bronzer: NYX Cosmetics in ‘Medium’
Cream blush: Ashley Tisdale ILLUMINATE in ‘Cabana’
Lips: Illuminate in ‘Cabana’ and ‘Korres’ rosy lip butter
Mascara: Maybelline Big Shot Mascara


Follow along:

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  1. KittyPawDoll
    KittyPawDoll says:

    How do I use highlighter and glow powders without getting the shiny oily look??? I use highlighter on my cheeks , the bridge of my nose and I tap my chin and forehead but sometimes it ends up looking like my skin is oily not highlighted or glowing…I dont use liquid only powders. Any tips or instructions????

  2. Sara BunnY M.D.
    Sara BunnY M.D. says:

    What part of it was it exactly natural? I don't get it. I was expecting minimal makeup product to be used in this tutorial not too many. This is by far no clown show I hope.

  3. Lola Gasabova
    Lola Gasabova says:

    4 layers but it's "no makeup makeup". Syrums act as primers and CC Cream is literally the same thing as a moisturizer but with a tint.Otherwise great video!

  4. Mm Hm
    Mm Hm says:

    I love your channel. I love how easy to follow the tutorials are and that you use your fingers as your main tool. Also, you avoid those vain posing intros most makeup gurus have (so annoying!). You are very natural on camera and I can definitely see myself trying out your looks and wearing them outside. You are an example for normal girls with basic makeup experience that need some instructions they can follow. Thank you and keep making your videos.

  5. Christie Veneti
    Christie Veneti says:

    Sazan please don't rub your face so much it can make super red and cause wrinkles on the long run. Instead, pat products in to really make them one with your skin and increase blood flow to your face and add plumpness🙂

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