Alessandra Ambrosio's Guide to Beachy Brazilian Beauty | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

Alessandra Ambrosio shares her getting-ready routine, from body bronzers to the “jungle oil” that reminds her of home.

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Alessandra Ambrosio’s Guide to Beachy Brazilian Beauty | Beauty Secrets | Vogue


27 replies
  1. Luana Lira
    Luana Lira says:

    Eu fico imaginando o Homem esperando na sala ela passar todos esses produtos kkkkkkkk o pior é que sai tudo no primeiro mergulho kkkkkkkkkkk

  2. Mya Mirell
    Mya Mirell says:

    What a horrible skin patches or spots ! And totaly common face, nothing special…ups… Too much skinny narrow face without any round full cheeks, missing volume in the face, no cheek bones, very small eyes, ever seemed to me like a man, she remined me much more man like a women, like a trans. Adriana or Candice are top, but this girl/ woman, sorry not…

  3. Tracy G Beauty
    Tracy G Beauty says:

    She is one of the most beautiful women on this planet naturally! Hey ladies!!!!! Newbie here>>> I started a YouTube channel to review international products, skincare and makeup. Please feel free to make suggestions and subscribe:

  4. Lyn M
    Lyn M says:

    Ambrosio earns several million a year .
    Can buy any pencil or cream she wants.
    Also, had at least four cosmetic surgeries .
    Every face is different.
    Love yourself .

  5. C B
    C B says:

    If you are going to a beach you don't need any makeup except sunscreen lotion. Whats this drama going on? I think they have lot of free time as well as money to waste on such things..

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