Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

I tried Drunk Elephant The Littles skincare routine for a week! Here’s my how to use, before/after, and review for oily, acne prone, and sensitive skin.

The Littles is an eight-piece set of mini skincare products for glowing, healthy-looking skin. Perfect for use at home and on travel.

Intended to be used together for best results, The Littles provide solutions for dullness and uneven texture, uneven skin tone, and dryness.

These products are 100 percent free of fragrance, essential oil, silicone, and irritants. They offer approximately a 30- to 45-day supply.

Shop The Littles at Sephora:

❓Have you tried Drunk Elephant products? If so, which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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– 1 oz/30 mL Beste™ No. 9 Jelly Cleanser
– 0.27 oz/8 mL C-Firma™ Day Serum
– 0.27 oz/8 mL B-Hydra™ Intensive Hydration Gel
– 0.5 oz/15 mL Umbra™ Sheer Physical Daily Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30
– 0.27 oz/8 mL T.L.C. Framboos™ Glycolic Night Serum
– 0.27 oz/8 mL Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil
– 0.5 oz/15 mL Lala Retro™ Whipped Cream
– 0.17 oz/5 mL Shaba Complex™ Eye Serum


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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

43 replies
  1. Raven Ivanov
    Raven Ivanov says:

    I have a question for you—I just started using Umbra Sheer in the DE routine and it makes my skin flake off like crazy! I let each product sit in my face for a while before putting on the next one, and I even mixed the Umbra Sheer with B-Hydra and Virgin Marula, but as soon as I put that Umbra Sheer—skin flakes. Did the same thing happen to you? Do you have any recommendations on what to do? I need a sunscreen and want to stay away from silicones, but not sure how to prevent this flakiness no matter how much moisturizer I use 🙁

  2. hey
    hey says:

    Try 1 part apple cider vinegar with 3 parts water and dab it on the dark spots. It will fade them to perfection.

  3. A.
    A. says:

    I came to YouTube to specifically see if anyone had The Littles set. I always use samples before I buy expensive products. Woot woot

  4. MissT
    MissT says:

    Oils should be last since the are thicker and if you layer other product on top of it, it wont work. The best way is to use it by using it last so it locks everything you have applied! I only applied at night time, unless I have super dry skin!

  5. Amanda Heard
    Amanda Heard says:

    I just turned 50 and started using DE products two weeks ago.. I am loving the results! I use the Marula oil followed by the polypeptide cream. It moisturizes my very dry skin,mature skin beautifully. Thanks for the review!

  6. Alix Boyer
    Alix Boyer says:

    When you get breakouts in the same spot on both sides of your face it usually means you need to wash your pillowcase! There could be an oily spot with some bacteria on it which is creating breakouts when you rest each cheek on it. I get the same thing!

  7. Yomi Kun
    Yomi Kun says:

    Hi, have you tried the protini moisturizer? I have been using it for like 5 days and my skin has been getting oilyy asf! I wash my face with the jelly cleanser and then apply the protini before bed and I wake up superr oily on my T zone ! Also after I wash my face I see like dry patches and it feels dry! How did your face feel after using the cleanser?

  8. myjy
    myjy says:

    shit I'm a dude and I love their stuff. I walk into clubs and girls just feel that t.l.c and lala power emitting from my skin.

    seriously I like it. my skin looks great and I have no issues with any of their stuff. I rub that stuff on my face like a boss though I don't tap around like she does. maybe I should be tapping? no idea but buy it. see you all at the club.

    i'll be the radiant ass BOSS by the bar.

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