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— Products Used —
– Guerlain Meteorites Base primer
– Too Faced Born This Way Foundation
– Lancome Ultra Wear High Coverage Concealer
– Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder
– KKW Beauty Contour and Highlight Sticks
– Urban Decay Brow Beater eyebrow pencil
– Urban Decay Brow Tamer Clear Brow Gel
– Ciate London Liquid Eyeliner
– Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara
– Huda Beauty “Farrah” False Lashes
– Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerrero Glow Kit
– Becca “Songbird” Blush
– Too Faced Sweetie Pie Bronzer
– Mac “Kinda Sexy” Lipstick
– Mac Whirl Lip Pencil
– “Locked and Loaded” Colourpop Eyeshadow
– “Paper Tiger” Colourpop Eyeshadow
– “Saddle” MAC Eyeshadow
– “Goldmine” MAC Eyeshadow

All the kids makeup used was from Claire’s in store. Here’s their selection online:
– Contour and Highlight 4 piece set
– Claire’s BB Creme in Light
– Claire’s Concealer in Medium
– Claire’s Brow Palette
– Claire’s Kitty Makeup Kit Set
– Claire’s Liquid Eyeliner
– Free Spirit Lengthening Mascara
– Eyelure London 155 false lash

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46 replies
  1. Daniela 117
    Daniela 117 says:

    Bruh y'all are just hating on Sylvia. When she means kids she probably was thinking of kids like in her time. Like c'mon don't y'all remember yourself or others puting makeup on terrible as a KID. I remember seeing this video when it first came out and everyone was supportive and now hatin. Y'all be like "it's 2019 now" like check when this video came out. 2 yrs ago. And this next thing might feel offensive but; there are more responsible parents that don't let their children use electronics at such a young age so (Using electronics at a young age isn't great for a child) they wouldn't know how to put on makeup. Everyone gets so freaking sensible these days. Where were the days where people told you rude things and no one cared.

  2. Georgie Rose
    Georgie Rose says:

    Um I Don’t agree with this video cause I just turned 12 and I no how to do make up in fact I use too faced and tarte products all the time and I don’t use my fingers to apply makeup

  3. Loo loo
    Loo loo says:

    OK so to start off I love Sylvia but, this video is very offensive. She keep saying "that's how a kid would apply it" and that just doesn't sound good. Like I'm twelve and I use high end makeup and so do my friends and we do it pretty good not as good as her but still it's 2019 and kids know lot more now.

  4. Person 2
    Person 2 says:

    I’m 12 and I have had the born this way foundation. This offended me and I bet others. Even though we may be young it doesn’t mean that many (including me) can’t do makeup with out those “kids” products

  5. Just Greenlee
    Just Greenlee says:

    Was it just me or was she shading us kids? Because I use adult makeup haha. I use Tarte, Too faced, Lancôme, Tatcha, Clinique, Laura mercier, Becca, Fenty, Urban decay, Benfit, Huda beauty, Anastasia and more. I love Sylvia but, she just was acting kinda rude.

  6. Rosie P
    Rosie P says:

    Could you please to another video using a full face of elf makeup? Using the sunset palette? I have a different version then yours and I would love to see what you create with it!!

  7. Aiyanna Nevaeh
    Aiyanna Nevaeh says:

    I’m actually a kid and I know how to do all of this and I spent 40 dollars on a foundation and watch your videos and I’m sure 8 year olds probably know how to do this too from YouTube and I’m eleven…but love your videos 💖💖💖❤️

  8. Kailyn The Boss
    Kailyn The Boss says:

    I’m 11 and I know how to do all this I might not be as good but I hate how she says a kid wouldn’t know like I use almost all the products on the “adult” side and I would NEVER use my fingers or use any of the kids products

  9. Kellsey Petty
    Kellsey Petty says:

    Just because you’re using kids makeup doesn’t mean you have to use the make how kids use it like your like “I’m gonna apply this how kids would”

  10. Cathy Baker
    Cathy Baker says:

    So here’s the tea I am 10 and I have Mac Kylie Jenner and more make up friends now I may not be as good as you because I’m 10 but this disappoints me the most because just because were kids and may know what we’re doing for her to say adult world and stuff like that makes me upset because of the fact that my older sister is not good at make up but when she saw this video and show me it I was upset bc I do not want to see this and the way she says kids don’t wanna waste the money on this am I waste my money on this my older sister does and most of my friends do too

  11. Coconut.Grace.Covers Grace
    Coconut.Grace.Covers Grace says:

    No offence Sylvia, but kids like us do know how to use makeup, and we do match our skin tone and we do use primer and bbcream good quality. We also use adult makeup not kids as you said it’s not good quality. Not trying to be rude I just got triggered 😂😂

  12. jaylee marchese
    jaylee marchese says:

    it’s not fair how you’re bashing kids and you don’t even use the same methods on both sides. kids might have enough money to buy things like this. you are saying things like you’re so much better than kids.

  13. Helanah Owens
    Helanah Owens says:

    A lot of you kids are getting offended by this bc you are growing up in the age of makeup and expect that’s how it’s always been. Growing up I didn’t even know what Sephora/Ulta was until I was in high school. Sylvia is basing her knowledge of children’s makeup off how she was as a child, and it’s not her fault that she doesn’t know what it’s like to be a kid today. It’s just like you guys assuming she’s being offensive because you guys don’t know what it was like to be a kid in our generation. Honestly anyone watching this video born before the 2000’s knows they had that same kind of makeup when they were like 6.😂

  14. Lights camera Jordyn
    Lights camera Jordyn says:

    I love her but she was doubting kids so hard she’s like omg kids can’t do this or that and have no idea what there doing I’m not the best but i do Ik and have good brands and I’m 12

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