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  1. Beatriz Giraldo
    Beatriz Giraldo says:

    No hay mujeres feas sino hombres pobres o mujeres Que son abandonadas con ellas mismas, por muchas circunstancias, muchas no sacamos tiempo para nosotras mismas, pensamos siempre que la flia este bien y uno se olvida de uno mismo.
    Quedó muy bonita,
    Es otra totalmente.

  2. Valérie Beauvais
    Valérie Beauvais says:

    Bravo le maquilleur c est de l art
    Mais , personnellement il existe une similitude avec le peintre
    J aimerai voir de prêt car pour moi c est un maquillage de scène c est tout

  3. Susan Overstreet
    Susan Overstreet says:

    Your the best. I have yet to see anyone do what you have. Of course it appears a little heavy. I doubt that it is as heavy as it appears. Geez you took a plain Jane and made her striking. I would die to have you do my make up. Incrediable! You truly have mastered make up. Do you have other videos? I am amazed at what you can do. I have one complaint you don't talk and explain what you are doing. Most of the time I am saying shut up and do the make up. I hate hearing all the bla bla bla. You don't say anything. Tell me what's going on.

  4. françoise robertdeshougues
    françoise robertdeshougues says:

    C est superbe,même si un peu chargé pour mon goût, mais je trouve que l exécution est techniquement parfaite,l équilibre des sourcils et l harmonie de l ensemble du visage superbes.beaucoup de talent,c est sur bravo….

  5. Shi Cruisin'
    Shi Cruisin' says:

    Why?! Why must a woman wear full-face paint, caked on in layers, to hide who she really is, to be acceptable to men & society at large??? That's just insulting! And if I was a guy, I'd insist on seeing my new woman without a stitch of makeup, so I know who I'm with! Must be a shock for the guy to wake up next to the crypt monster the morning after the 1st sleep-over! After he thought he just bedded a flawless Goddess!

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