Just practicing my birthday glam as taught by the lovely NikkieTutorials in her Holiday Glam video! GIVE ME A THUMBS UP FOR MY BIRTHDAY! Hehe.

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  1. Jennifer Kopenga
    Jennifer Kopenga says:

    I have to say you actually did a fabulous job 🤷🏻‍♀️ you were funny too 🤣 I’ve never seen any of your videos and I’m glad I clicked on this one for the first time 🤪🤪 new subscriber 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  2. Brylee White
    Brylee White says:

    i’m not even kidding gabbie i honestly think the eye look was great, especially after the mascara. i feel like even if you mess up on the eyeshadow, the mascara just completes it. don’t get discouraged!!! ilyyyy

  3. Kathi
    Kathi says:

    Gabbie: "does the word backing come bc it looks like flour?"
    My brain:🤯
    And yes it's 2019 and also yes I'm watching it now😂

  4. Martha Ulburghs
    Martha Ulburghs says:

    I really liked this video, although it really bothered me that she was complaining about the fact that she had to put lashes on while this is her job. Most people's work is harder than this, be happy that you can make a living of this, because I would love to be able to do that. So it just bums me out that she is mad about doing eyeshadow for a living. I love you Gab but being happy makes your viewers happy, so try to not be bothered by such things as makeup. You did a pretty good job though. And btw, I'm not saying that being a youtube is easy, I know everybody works hard for their money, so don't come for me. <3

  5. Madelene Gullbrand
    Madelene Gullbrand says:

    Maybe using peelinggloves in the shower can take the crustiness away. My skin producess so much oil so it feels like I have extraskin over my skin and my makeup looks like sh*t on top of it. But the day after peeling and I put on make up it looks so much better!
    You look so good!

  6. Shy Melody
    Shy Melody says:

    If you're feeling crusty, try a sprints in between your primer, concealer, and foundation. Also sprints after you do all of your high lighting, baking, and shading.

  7. wolfshadow 435
    wolfshadow 435 says:

    I binge wa TV chef a ton of your vids before I realized I forgot to call my boyfriend, at that moment in time I realized I'm a dumb ass and he probably thinks I'm dead or I'm mad at him 😂😂😂😂

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