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Hey Glamfam !!!
so today i am jumping on the band wagon !! i am doing the i tried following a makeup tutorial challenge and today i am doing i tried following a jeffree star makeup tutorial !!! you guys already know i love jeffree star cosmetics and i know a lot of you guys don’t like jeffree but please have enough respect to keep your hate comments to yourself, jeffree star has a amazing brand and i love his makeup !this makeup video challenge was created by the awesome thomas halbert !!! if you don’t know him please check his channel out !!! and I’m sure you guys all know who jeffree star is !!! but if you don’t ! check him out as well! this makeup tutorial was so much fun to film, i tried following a makeup tutorial ! how did i do !! what do you think ! since this was a i followed a jeffree star makeup tutorial i really tried my best to try and get a close match to his amazing makeup tutorial ! i feel like i tried following is going to become a huge trend done in different categories other than makeup i hope you guys enjoyed this makeup challenge !!! let me know who you want me to try and follow next !

Hi !!!
im josie i have a huge passion for anything diy, beauty and sfx. I love it all and i do those exact things on my youtube channel beautybyjosiek I put out new videos very single week so please if you’d like to dont forget to subscribe. maybe share this video if you like it. i would really appreciate it !
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This video is about I TRIED FOLLOWING A JEFFREE STAR MAKEUP TUTORIAL | BEAUTYBYJOSIEK | i tried following jeffree star | makeup challenge !

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30 replies
  1. Misty Hinds
    Misty Hinds says:

    I was in bed at 5am watching this videos intro and lmao. Between not being able to spit out your words and bending your nails backwards multiple times, this intro looked painful! I luv u so much Josie and how u always represent yourself so authentically!!

  2. Sarah Nicholson
    Sarah Nicholson says:

    Wow…people unsubscribe because of not liking another youtuber, so ridiculous. Like you said, you can click off if you don't like it…geez. People are dumb. I do and don't like Jeffree, I have my moments. I'm not subscribed to him at the moment but that's just me. I watch his Insta-Stories…so there's that. It is what it is. But you, I like and you're one of my first subscriptions!!! I also felt badly for you when you bent your nail back, you are a better woman than I, I would have cussed!!! Thanks for your honesty, I enjoy that, and I think that our differences makes the world an interesting place!!!

  3. Christy Woods
    Christy Woods says:

    Thomas Halbert is His Name!!!He is Amazing!!!And I Love JEFFREE STAR so Much!!!Don't worry about People that are haters saying all that crap Babe,They are Miserable And Jealous People!!!And He is Actually very Humble because He came from Being homeless and very poor to What He is now,And He has gotten past all that crap from a gazillion years ago,and apologized,and Everyone else should forgive Him.

  4. Melanie Noe
    Melanie Noe says:

    Girl I'm so glad you did this video. I haven't seen anyone do this before and I'm so happy you did. You nailed this look girl💯💯Sending hugs from Tennessee ❤ ✨ ❤ ✨

  5. candi0826
    candi0826 says:

    I like Jeffree Starr and his makeup and makeup skills are insane. It's about makeup not who he is in the past or what kind of person he is.

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