Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

Testing Tan-Luxe THE BODY & Tan-Luxe THE WATER – Self Tanner Review and Testing Tan-Luxe Self Tanners – LINKS BELOW ⬇︎

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Big thanks to Tan-Luxe for gifting me both The Body and The Water.

I love self tanning year round! For me it’s an essential part of my lifestyle; therefore, I am always looking for the best self tanner for pale skin, and today I am testing out and reviewing the new Tan-Luxe tanning products that launched at Sephora. I try out two of their self tanning products, THE BODY and THE WATER. The Tan-Luxe drops are pretty cool, I hope you enjoy this video!



Phone case in the video:
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→ Tan-Luxe THE BODY:
→ Tan-Luxe The WATER:



→ Lip Color in beginning of video:
→ Purlisse Scrub (HGHLY RECOMMEND)
→ Tanning Mitt: (these don’t bleed through and it’s a 2 pack so you have a dry one while washing the other)
→ Exfoliating Mitt: (perfect for prepping skin for tanners)
→ Palette Used on Eyes in end of video:
→ Lip color at end of video:


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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

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  1. Kimbyrleigha
    Kimbyrleigha says:

    Hey everyone! Here are all the links for you GET IT AT ULTA → Tan-Luxe THE BODY:
    → Tan-Luxe The WATER: GET IT AT SEPHORA →

    I know it’s a little pricey but honestly I’m willing to pay it after using it now, and it seems like it’s going to last me a pretty good amount of time. What I’ve been doing now is I’ve only been putting two or three drops per body part with my lotion and I’ve been tanning every other day or every 3 days and I maintaining a nice color and I’m not using as much 🙂

  2. Rosy Cheeks
    Rosy Cheeks says:

    My problems with self tanners especially St Tropez, is that I notice I feel nauseous within 30 minutes of using them and get bad headaches. I did research and learned it was due to the DHA which is not really healthy for us to be inhaling. I just wonder if I will experience the same issue with the body oil version

  3. Minjee
    Minjee says:

    I personally loveeeee this self tanner. I bought the drops and what i tried first was the actually gradual illuminating tanning body lotion and it comes out white and milky it gave a very gradual natural looking tan but the drops are awesome you can get your tan even darker. I think this is super friendly to those who don't tan normally bcus its fool proof. love this brand.

  4. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    Thanks for another great review! I started using the Face oil about a month ago but it’s a bit tricky to figure out how many drops are too many🙄. It could be because I applied it before bed & didn’t wash it off until the morning. I just started using the Water for my face & LOVE it!!! I’m going through try the Body today & see how it goes. Living in So Cal all my life, I would be nice & tan right now but it’s not worth the damage the sun does to our skin. I’ve learned to use latex gloves while applying self tanner because my palms always turn orange.

  5. CelestialJoJo
    CelestialJoJo says:

    I LOVE tan luxe, if you are going to buy it go to HSN… they have a great package , it’s full size big tan luxe body, a small bottle of the body, a small bottle of the face then a tan luxe “butter” lotion … it’s all for 49 dollars … but go to and search for hsn … if you are a first time customer there are codes for $10 off and even if you are not a first time customer there are always 20% off code… I just ordered my second batch of this product and I got it all for $39 with the code… and if you are not familiar with HSN sometimes you can break it up into payments

    Also I would not recommend mixing the drops in the lotion and some thing… Just put your regular lotion in your hand then add the drops then mix it together… You are surely wasting product by mixing it on something else

    I have never had an issue with orange on my hands… As soon as I am done I use a body scrub and wash my hands with the scrub

  6. dritan beqollari
    dritan beqollari says:

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  7. Jeanne Bowden
    Jeanne Bowden says:

    I love this product. I use The Body and The Face. I have used both light/medium and medium/dark and I will say it is all personal preference. perfect tan every time.

  8. Lil Mafi
    Lil Mafi says:

    I just bought the tan Luxe body drops and all I have to say is AMAZING 😍😍😍😍 I never used to self tanner before and I was a little skeptical but I went ahead and decided to spend the $60 and try it out and I will say is the best investment I made now I'm ready to buy the Luxe's face and water products. This is so much better than damaging your skin with the Sun

  9. sashsukafree
    sashsukafree says:

    A couple of questions, do you have to scrub it off before reapplying like when the week is done? Also, how often should you reapply every week? Every two to three days? Last question may sound silly, if I wash my hands immediately after applying how do I tan my hands then? Wouldn’t they be a different color from the rest of my body? I’m not an experienced self tanner so I apologize if the questions are silly

    TITS MCGEE says:

    I like to use the loving tan products- they’re amazing…. but these are really intriguing to me! Does anyone have experience with both- and if so….. which would you consider better?

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