Laser Hair Removal

Incredible transformations by the best Instagram & YouTube makeup artists & hairstylists:
IG: @goar_avetisyan
IG: @teaflego
IG: @juliadantasbeauty
YT: Gloria Pelo
IG: @georgiykot

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  1. Tracy Gaylor
    Tracy Gaylor says:

    the young lady with the turbin on has soo much make-up on it looks like what a transgender may look like, not overly impressed with any of them, I can see why eyebrows are so important

  2. Monika Gordon
    Monika Gordon says:

    I love to use make up and that for many years now.The problem is ,I never find the right products.I would like to know,what products you are using.Maybe I can put it on myself.

  3. susan ivy
    susan ivy says:

    The makeup artists are talented, no doubt. I just think they overdo it with makeup, esp. in the younger girls. The last one looked almost 10 years older at the end. She was beautiful before and after, I just think they could of retained her youthful look. For some reason too much makeup on a young person has the tendency to make them appear older…. youth is what most women try to regain when using makeup, to me, it's insane and counterproductive to "erase" a young girls natural youthful appearance…imo, cover up ones flaws and highlight ones best features while retaining their youthful appearance, that should be the goal.

    With that said, they still did an amazing job.

  4. Victoria Victorious
    Victoria Victorious says:

    I really enjoyed some of the 'before' expressions – like watching all the wincing limpers at the end of the Rose Parade. Good stuff. Don't nobody get mad at the rest of my post because I'm right here now myself, though none of this was supposed to happen to me.

    Truly amazing transformations shown, and unexpectedly unsettling too. That there can be that level of trickery in the projection of what society collectively labels 'beautiful' or attractive. Birds have different displays to attract mates and we certainly do too. I'm not running anybody down, these are all lovely women. I'm 55 now and I have days when I feel like I look horrible. But with a little time and effort via makeup and fixing my hair – I can project a much more appealing and confortable image to the world. I think of the shock, though and there's amusement now – about some of the guys I dated who met the fixed up version first and then at some point there was coffee with the morning after reality. Lol!!!! So funny now. How long have I been such an imposter? I was a genuine knockout in the 80s. LOL! Thanks for a really terrific video. The makeup artist is out of this world talented.

  5. Srbuhi Melhedegård Melkonyan
    Srbuhi Melhedegård Melkonyan says:


  6. E R
    E R says:

    Different eyeshadow technique was needed to lift the hooded eyes the normal usual ones used in the video doesn't work here

  7. Марина Агапи
    Марина Агапи says:

    Умоется…. Мужик испугается. Не проще за собой ухаживать, что бы не накладывать тонну грима. Это именно грим, а не макияж.

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