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Today I am doing the Teresa Chavez Makeup Tutorial with the only and only iluvsarahii. In this Novela inspired makeup look, Iluvsarahii and I will transform each other into a famous character in the TELENOVELA “TERESA”! I hope you guys really enjoy this Spanglish makeup tutorial and don’t forget to give this video a THUMBS UP!


we also filmed a fun video on her channel so make sure to go watch her video. link down below!


INSTAGRAM • Makeupbygriselda 
TWITTER • Mubygriselda 
SNAPCHAT • Mubygriselda

INSTAGRAM • Iluvsarahii
TWITTER • iluvsarahii
SNAPCHAT • iluvsarahii 

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44 replies
  1. Patita
    Patita says:

    😍 crease=pliegue del ojo sculpt =esculpir eyeshadow = so bra de ojo lipstick=lapis labial blush= rubor bronzer =broceador fornula = formula creamy=Cremosa silky=sedoso… lol ask me any work I will do my best and let you know 🤪

  2. Saray Hermosillo
    Saray Hermosillo says:

    Love you girls so funny… so my husband said que no se dice “brocha” because “brocha” is to paint se dice “pincel” .Lol I didn’t even know that he was watching this videos with me we were cracking up 😂 made my day🤗😘

  3. Momi's Beautyland
    Momi's Beautyland says:

    When im scrolling on fb and see a post in spanish then see a post in english right after. I will literally pronounce english words in spanish and be confused as hell. Then ill realize oh krap its in english. I have slow moments like that.

  4. Joana Arellano
    Joana Arellano says:

    I talk both languages and honestly sometimes I think in English and when I want to say a word in Spanish I don't remember and I have to say it in english😂 pero mis amigos me entienden so there's not much problem 😂 i'm mexican btw 💚⚪❤

  5. Joana Arellano
    Joana Arellano says:

    me encantó este video, definitivamente mis pochas favoritas, both looks are amazing, I think i like more the innocent look too but you both look gorgeous 💗🔥 ser o no ser! btw i loooooved the fact that you chose Teresa because that's one of my favorite telenovelas 💋❤

  6. Angel Lee
    Angel Lee says:

    This was so easy to recreate the ICONIC Teresa Chavez and I hate to stay this but you failed ☹️
    Always always make it identical if you’re gonna recreate a badass character like Teresa Chavez😪

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