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I hope you guys enjoy my take on Modern Bridal Makeup! XO


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43 replies
  1. Kylee Kahl
    Kylee Kahl says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do more wedding looks!!! I'm getting married in September and I am very fair skinned and finding makeup looks for fair skin is soo hard so please do more wedding looks!!!!:)

  2. Tatyana Jaramillo
    Tatyana Jaramillo says:

    Love it love it love it!!! I’m going to recreate this look in my wedding day!!! Totally my style…. I love makeup and I don’t want to look so “natural” in my big day!!! Highlighter, smoky eye and big falsies 🥰….. thank you for this!!! Much love!!! ❤️

  3. manal wael
    manal wael says:

    Hello jaclyn I wanna ask you about something really important to me for my wedding. I’m a person who just don’t use foundation on my face so I don’t know what should I use before eyeshadow should I put foundation on my eyelids or primer before putting the eyeshadow ??

  4. Krista Porter
    Krista Porter says:

    This is a little heavier than I would personally prefer (total preference! You look GORG) but I was thoroughly entertained and was able to take some awesome product recommendations and tips! Thanks girl!

  5. Callie Brown
    Callie Brown says:

    Very good tutorial! I just bought your palette and am super stoked to use it. I am also getting married in June so I wanted to see your take on wedding makeup and you did not disappoint! I wanted to know where you got your jewelry though, it is very elegant and beautiful!

  6. Strauberry _87
    Strauberry _87 says:

    LOVE THIS!!! You’re so talented and gorgeous. I’m getting married in May but I’m on a budget. Can you please please please make an “Affordable Wedding Makeup Look”? Love you girl! Been a subscriber for YEARS 😄💗

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