What to Expect First Time Using Self Tanner

First time ever trying to use self tanner tips & tricks. I showed Beverly how to use self tanner. We used st.tropez self tanner to get that perfect sunless tan. Tips on exfoliating, moisturizing, skin prep, and more. What to do after you use self tanner, and what to do after you use self tanner. Can you workout after self tanning? Can you shower after self tanning? Should you moisturize before or after using self-tanner? Can you tan your face with self tanner? All your questions answered! With alottttttt more shenanigans

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  1. Suzanne Phillips
    Suzanne Phillips says:

    So, I'm curious about that 24-hour exfoliation instruction for the St. Tropez Express Mousse. Do we really have to wait an entire 24 hours after exfoliating before we apply this stuff (I exfoliated this morning (tend to shower in mornings); if so, what can I do/not do during that time? Can I shower again in the morning? What if I sweat at night? Can I wear makeup tonight so I can go out? Thanks!

  2. Angus Cole
    Angus Cole says:

    i just bought a self tanner to try for the first time, its a mousse,its called norvelle 1 hour rapid, i pllied it the other fay on my chest, arms as well as legs. i noticed after an hour or so before showering without soap it left a rash on my shoulders as well as legs.i want it to work to see how it looks on my pail skin, and tips to alleviate the rash?

  3. Paige Hawkins
    Paige Hawkins says:

    I've tried that facial spray, it's pretty good. I only use it for a special occasion though because I feel like I use a lot of it and it's almost gone 🙁 smells nice, doesn't break me out and didn't go streaky or anything. It's a more natural colour.

  4. Heather Blamires
    Heather Blamires says:

    hehe cute video. Just for future reference (according to Tati) it's pronounced like Sant Tropay. 🙂 The spelling throws people off. 🙂 You're awesome though. Thanks for doing this!

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