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The best layered haircut tutorial. This layered haircut is designed for short layers while keeping the length. I break this haircut down step by step and if you follow along, this will be an amazing outcome for you. You can use this technique for your career for as long as you cut hair.

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

49 replies
  1. Heather Blair
    Heather Blair says:

    This is the haircut I've been looking for for years (and no hairdresser has got it right for me yet!) – I've just done it myself (with interesting contortions ..) and it looks brilliant! Best tutorial EVER!!

  2. Shannon Mykayla
    Shannon Mykayla says:

    This is gorgeous!! I too have been trying to achieve this through multiple hairdressers! Buddy if I had the $$$ I'd fly you to my home to do this! I love love love this!!!!💞💞💞

  3. faith ge
    faith ge says:

    Looks super thin at the ends. As someone with fine hair, i would kill my hair dresser if he did this cut on me.
    In fact a hair dresser did this on me and i freaked and demanded my money back because mybhair looked so thin and scraggly after.
    I was not happy and had ti cut 8 inches to make my hair look thick again. Just an fyi from a clients perspective on this cut.
    Please stop teaching this cut. Its so ugly.

  4. Lisa Rosen
    Lisa Rosen says:

    Hi Steve
    Love your haircutting tutorials – they are super helpful and I really appreciate watching and learning from you. I just have one suggestion or request – if possible – please try and direct your video person to perhaps shoot from different angles so we don't lose out and not see what you are doing. It would enhance our learning experience tremendously if we can truly see exactly how and where you are cutting the hair at the same time you are explaining your method.
    Thank you!!!💗

  5. Maria Lo
    Maria Lo says:

    Amazingg… im starting class on the 15 of january as a hairdresser and this video jist gave me more motivation… im in love and will save the video…. just amazingg

  6. Jamie Mavrakis
    Jamie Mavrakis says:

    I hate the shorter front layers cannot find a simple layering cut where the front is only slightly shorter and the layers all sit nicely balanced throughout haircut

  7. India Fox
    India Fox says:

    I love the way this cut looks. 😍 @TheSalonGuy
    I'm wondering, would this work for me? My hair has a side part. Almost any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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