Tan In A Can! My Favorite Products From Drugstore To High End

Tan in a can! It’s the best way to achieve that gorgeous golden Summer glow without the sun damage. These are my favorite products and I’d love to hear about yours in the comment section below. Thanks for watching!

Self Tanning Products I Love:
Warm vanilla sugar foaming scrub by Bath and Body Works 16.50
Jergens natural glow instant sun mousse 12.99
Jergens natural glow face 7.00
Jergens BB Body perfecting skin cream 12.00
Nivea sun-kissed radiance gradual tanner and body lotion 9.79
Tan Physics True Color Sunless Tanner 29.95
Vita Liberata Phenomenal 2-3 week tan mousse & mitt 54.00
Vita Liberata Body Blur 45.00

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  1. judithe100
    judithe100 says:

    Cant find the Jergens BB perfecting cream anywhere!! Is there something that's like it? Thanks and I really enjoy your informative videos!!!

  2. BAM 24
    BAM 24 says:

    Omg that jergens bb body lotion is AMAZINGGGGG..but think its discontinued. Used it for a few years as my holy grail but i cant find it anywhere now 🙁

  3. Lisa Madigan
    Lisa Madigan says:

    Thank you for this! I have a question… I have been using exfoliatirs, retinol, and Palmer's fade cream and lotion to get rid of very dark sun spots. It has been working and they have faded quite a bit. Soooo, I also want to be tan. How do you work your self tanning in with your skin care regime? I'd love to figure that out! Thanks so much! You look amazing!

  4. Grace Dee
    Grace Dee says:

    i do use hawaain tropic tanning lotion its work for me , even i have a natural tan color but then if i feel i like to be more look tan i apply on it.😊.

  5. Gillian Sanderson
    Gillian Sanderson says:

    St moritz dupe for St tropez.. Ibiiza honey both cheap and both good products. I use the dark in ibiza honey brings nicer colour but not too dark. Both products last about 4 – 5 days and both are under £3 UK price.

  6. Jeanette Higginbotham
    Jeanette Higginbotham says:

    Hi Dominique – I love the L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Towelettes, followed by the Nivea Sun Kissed Radiance.  That recipe gives me a nice tan, no streaking and so low maintenance.  I only need to use the towelettes once a week and give my tan a boost by following up with the Nivea Sun Kissed Radiance every other day after showering and moisturizing with hair conditioner.  Thank you for this video!

  7. Westminster Drive
    Westminster Drive says:

    I use a product named Tan Towels .
    I use a light moisturizer directly after I shower, then use my tan towel. If 8 dont forget, I lay a wet washcloth out to wipe my palms on immediately afterwards to avoid orange palms.
    Tks for this video D !

  8. Maria Maderi
    Maria Maderi says:

    I love Lorelei Sublime. 10.00 in my Christmas Tree shop and all you need is a dime size on face and neck everyday and it looks natural. I am asked all the time for the name. I guess you can also use on your body there is no smell, but I am a spotted cheetah and it doesn't hide the spots so I don't bother trying.

  9. Sun Soul
    Sun Soul says:

    Hello there! This is an older vid, I know – so I may not get a response, but one of the things I'm most concerned about is transfer. Now that you've been using these awhile, can anyone say if they have issues with transfer? I wear a lot of white and cream. Also, my bed linens are white and furniture is all light colored. I'm always afraid to use self tanners for fear of staining them! God any faves that don't transfer? Thanks for an awesome video as always! ❤️

  10. Chey T
    Chey T says:

    The struggle I have with tanners or scented anything is chemical allergies… thank scented candles! I can no longer use scents of any kind! How I miss smelling pretty.

  11. Teresa
    Teresa says:

    Can you use self tanners with retinol products? I have started what I like to call French women’s skincare. I have started using the A313 retinol Baume and beauty oils over it at night. My skin is becoming luminous and my under eye circles are decreasing in color. I am a nurse on the 12 hr. Night shift, and nothing but this has decreased the color, and no retinol peel!

  12. Anastasia Powell
    Anastasia Powell says:

    I love the Jergens Wet Skin Tanner. Just shower, slather it on while your skin is still wet, towel off and go! It gradually builds over time and keeps your skin moisturized! Don't use a white towel because it will stain it if not washed right away but other than that its awesome.

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