Hi guys so I’m finallyyyy doing an updated self tan/fake tan routine! This has been my favorite lately and I also wanted to share some of my tips & tricks for the perfect tan (ex. tricky areas like hands + feet!)

all other Bondi Sands products available at Walgreens:

LIP COLOR: “SEND NUDES” ( for some reason the shade names aren’t showing up online, boooo)
(my actual here but its pricy + low stock!:
EARRINGS: (old from Miranda Frye) similar here +
NAILS: idk the name, sorry!

*thank you Bondi sands for sponsoring this video! all thoughts and opinions are always my own regardless of sponsorships though!


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  1. Monica Cable
    Monica Cable says:

    JUST BOUGHT THIS AND ITS UHH-MAZING!!! Wait the 12hrs and then decide 😂 I almost put another "coat", thank God I didn't it is perfect (to me) 1 application 💖 Literally love you for this! Thanks a million 😍😍😍

  2. Darya
    Darya says:

    Wow I've actually never seen anyone do the whole contour face tanning…that's genius! I'm actually someone that does tan my face bc my face absolutely refuses to tan no matter what it's like it's a sun repellant. My body can tan but not my face. So that's an awesome way of making it look super natural!

  3. Sapphire Gray
    Sapphire Gray says:

    Omg I used to watch your videos literally when you just started but then I made a new account …. I just rediscovered this channel 😂 sorry I’m fake hype rn 💕💕💕💕

  4. Diana Torres
    Diana Torres says:

    Hmm. Just when I was telling my friend that I wanted to start to self tan and I come across this video. Thank you steph! I love your videos 😘

  5. A grace filled life
    A grace filled life says:

    I’ve recently discovered bondi sands and I love it!!!!!! I got the dark mousse and believe it or not it doesn’t stain my white sheets! It’s awesome! I do something similar to what you do on your feet. I get the tanner down to the foot and take lotion and squirt a teeny bit of mousse and then I moisturize the heck out of my feet blending it into my legs. Works sooo good. I just wash or wipe my palms right away!!!

  6. R. House
    R. House says:

    Steph! I have been on YouTube hiatus!!!! I feel like it’s been forever and now I have soooooo many new videos of yours to watch, It’s like a treat! I didn’t even finish watching the video and I already ordered everything. I love to self tan but despise the smell and sticky feeling!! Thanks for the recommendation excited to try it all out!

  7. Ellie Loves
    Ellie Loves says:

    Not that your not every other video but especially in this video you look so beautiful. 😍 Really glowy, radiant & just naturally beautiful 😍😍

  8. Gab K
    Gab K says:

    Not sure if you have worked out while you had this self tanner on… if you have did it come off where your sports bra is or did sweat make it come off?

  9. Nina Cha
    Nina Cha says:

    Recently purchased and I have lots to say. If you’d like to see my full and honest review lmk. It’ll be on my Vlog channel. Dis Is Us.

  10. Jessica Rose
    Jessica Rose says:

    This just made my day. I used to use their foam back when you could only get it directly but 90% of the time my bottles would leak during shipping to the US from Australia. So glad they have this available in stores now!!! 😍 Also cant wait to try their new products.

  11. Rene Daniels
    Rene Daniels says:

    Wow, I think that was the best tip I've ever seen with the face contouring!!! I would have never thought of that! Brilliant Stephanie! You've changed my self tanning life lol. Thank you! 👏👏👏❤😊

  12. Aldijana Covic
    Aldijana Covic says:

    I have been using their moose! So I’m so excited to see this product works and is great. I’m so gonna go buy the oil! I love bondi sands and I’m totally getting the gradual tanner for hands and feet that’s one thing I hate about self tanning is the hands and feet seems like no matter what I do they’re always so dark or will turn a orange color in a way. So thanks for that tip!!!!🙌🏼 ps anyone reading this I use bondi sands moose and their tan eraser both work AMAZING!

  13. Victoria F.
    Victoria F. says:

    Great video, I usually use St. Tropez, but I am going to give this one a try,! I am sooo pale living on the East coast that having some color before winter is over will be a lift to my spirits. The fact that this product doesn’t transfer makes it a winner. Thanks Steph! 😍😍

  14. EglaStan Candy
    EglaStan Candy says:

    Does anyone else have chicken skin or is it just me?? My skin is fair and my legs and arms have these dark spots where the hair follicles grow and even in my arms where i never have shaved before… does anyone know how to get rid of them?? ( I remember a time when i did not have them and that was when i had very dark skin when i was about 10 or 11 years old in summer)

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