My Anti-Aging Skincare Routine – Winter 2019 | Over 50


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It’s a long one today, but I wanted to answer your questions and show you my skincare routine in real time so you can see WHAT I apply, HOW I apply it, and I also explain WHY I use the products I use.
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Save 20% on your entire cart, including All Natural & Organic Self Tanning Lotion that's actually good for your skin! Simply use coupon code: VIXEN20 at checkout! Limited time only at: VOGENIX.COM

38 replies
  1. Lynn H.
    Lynn H. says:

    So not true and I use myself as an example, my skin is soooo much better than a few years ago and I don't do any of that, too expensive, but good products, used as Angie does, do work. Another example is my sister who has gone through some rough financial times the last five years and stopped all serums, etc. and her skin has suffered greatly. But it's totally up to you, obviously. 🙂

  2. Brenda www
    Brenda www says:

    Love your posts Angie! You are Beautiful … do you have any opinion on Organic Coconut Oil as a cleanser? And I know this is weird..but I have heard shaving your face is the best way to exfoliate… any opinions? Also, I would love to see you write a book on your routine's.. skin care and work outs!

  3. Love4Life1
    Love4Life1 says:

    A CA Dermatologist, Dr. Dray, on YT states, In dermatology all the papers you can read say that the efficacy of topical vitamin C is limited by it's stability in topical forms and getting the ideal formulation has not been nailed down. But cosmetic companies will lead you to believe it has. Dr. Dray reviews numerous skincare products and she is very matter of fact when reviewing. I made the decision I could save myself time and money by skipping topical Vitamin C. When all Dermatologists discover a topical C that is dependably stable, I’ll go back to using it. Until then, strictly based on a Dermatologist’s studies, I’ve decided to stop throwing my money away on topical Vitamin C. Thank you for this video. Although I would not use as many products as you do, I’m interested in the NuFace product you use. It seems as if it could make a difference. Oh, have you tried the Mamonde sleeping mask? It contains AHA and sounds beneficial. Many Blessings!

  4. Alice The rose
    Alice The rose says:

    You have a beautiful fresh glowing skin. My gosh my brain can’t processed all these skin care products you are using. Having beautiful skin, starts with good genes as the saying goes… Eating healthy and exercising also contributes to having beautiful skin just my humble opinion. Very informative video regarding skin care…. thank you! That 🐈 in your shoulder is soooo cute….. 🐈❤️🐈❤️❤️🐈

  5. S U
    S U says:

    Too much for my lifestyle and I have nice skin in my fifties but I do have some lines. Because I have a great diet and exercise I notice that people see all of me. I don't want people to focus on my skins lack of lines and expressions and say I look young. I want them to see the true me. In my humble opinion, something always gives your age away anyway, like your hands, your neck, etc. and that doesn't bother me one bit. I had a dermatologist tell me once when I was inquiring about lines on my face. His response was "I don't notice lines when you walked in the office, I notice your positive energy." All true and something I now live by. I don't need to look 40 because I am not and I want to be true to myself and accept and age gracefully mind, body and spirit. I'd rather walk in the woods or cook a good meal for friends. That to me makes me resonate youth! American society is youth obsessed anyway.

  6. Jennifer Gripp
    Jennifer Gripp says:

    Thank you so very much!!! I really appreciate you for all of your hard work. I also appreciate that you don’t “sale “ products. That you have done all the research that even drug store products work.

  7. Joan Biordi
    Joan Biordi says:

    Hi Angie! I have watched all of your Skin Care Routines and have decided to trying them to make sure my skin can tolerate them. But the one thing I want to really thank you for is adding the dates that you filed your videos as you have so many, I was getting confused as to which ones were outdated even though I noticed you really didn’t change up to many things at all. But your adding the dates is very helpful. I love that you have done your homework regarding all of the products you use. Plus it doesn’t hurt having a dad who is a chemist! 😊. I never miss any of your videos and trust the products you use and try them hoping my skin can tolerate them. Keep the videos coming. Thank you Angie. ♥️

  8. lilly
    lilly says:

    I just bought La Roche cleanser at Walgreens. This is the best cleanser I have used so far. Before I used Chanel cleanser for dry skin, and La Roche is better. At first I was concerned if such natural product will remove makeup and mascara and it did perfectly. I love the texture of it. I highly recommend this product too.

  9. Lisa Kelly
    Lisa Kelly says:

    Thank you for this video. Your skin looks great. I have been using .05 Retin A. I’m considering getting the 0.10 strength. The formula is a gel. What I am using now is a cream formula. Do you know anything about the gel formula? Will it be stronger (more drying) than the cream formula?

  10. Phoebe Faye
    Phoebe Faye says:

    Nice vlog. What does the Titanium Glyceride do for the face? I'm currently in my 30s and I know I shouldn't think too much about Anti-agening skin products at this stage. I'm watching to see what regimen would work for me and I will stick with in the future. I don't usually like layers of products. I use one product with enough spf, a primer and then my makeup. When I'm working out, I use the Vit C Serum and out the door I go.

  11. Faye Gibson
    Faye Gibson says:

    I am watching this video for the upteen time. I love the information contained in this video. I noticed a mirror in the background and was wondering if you could make a recommendation for a good makeup mirror. I wear glasses and have a hard time applying eye makeup and doing my brows without my glasses. Thank you!

  12. My My
    My My says:

    I love your routine, me personally I don’t like too many products 😩 but I defiantly need to get into the skin serums. I’m 18, and I use the Tretinoin cream, I also love green tea!! I drink it everyday, with apple cider vinegar, and instead of buying face mask, I make my own with green tea and egg whites, I love that mask 🥰 I love all your video !!

  13. Lola Velmar
    Lola Velmar says:

    Just a very caring advise darling, just remember to not apply the product over your neck area by dragging down the skin. Very gently with upwards strokes. Your are stunning.

  14. boy scout 210
    boy scout 210 says:

    Hey. I am having a lot of issues with forehead wrinkles and wrinkles around my eyes. Can you please tell me what all you do? I hate it. I’m 36. I’m going to try Botox w my forehead but I can’t afford it all the time

  15. Flora Murillo
    Flora Murillo says:

    Ma’am, I’m 39 years old and I don’t think I have a good skin morning or night routine besides the washing and using a toner, night cream. I do use day cream with spf 30 and i do use primer and make up every day. I What products should I for sure use on my combination skin?

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