Hey Guys! Today’s video is all about the pros and the cons of Loving Tan & St Tropez self tanning mousse. I do a full in depth review of each, tips on how to apply and get the best tan, and also compare the differences. I am a huge fan of both Loving Tan Ultra Dark and St Tropez Express Tan. I hope you like this video and that you find it helpful. Thanks for watching 🙂


ST TROPEZ Express Tan https://go.magik.ly/ml/9orq/
ST TROPEZ Applicator Mitt https://go.magik.ly/ml/cic1/
ST TROPEZ Award Winning Kit (Set of 3) https://go.magik.ly/ml/cic3/
ST TROPEZ In Shower Gradual Tan https://go.magik.ly/ml/cic6/
Shea Sugar Scrub https://go.magik.ly/ml/cicl/
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion https://go.magik.ly/ml/cicb/
Jergen’s Natural Glow “Medium to Dark” https://go.magik.ly/ml/cicg/
Kiehl’s Self-Tanning Formula https://go.magik.ly/ml/cid3/
Loving Tan Ultra Dark https://go.magik.ly/ml/cicn/

Dress- https://go.magik.ly/ml/cibr/
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  1. Sabrina M.
    Sabrina M. says:

    I use StTropez too 🖤 haven't seen it in the comments, but QVC has great prices. I get 2 bottles and 2 mitts for less than $50. And most of the time there's an easy pay option. I cringe at the thought of paying Ulta prices sometimes ☺💕 great video thx for the info

  2. Gabriella Mady
    Gabriella Mady says:

    St tropez goes on like smooth fluffy lotion and is super easy to apply. A little sticky tho. Color doesn’t change as much as time goes on; it gets darker more time AND coats. My golden undertones are very accentuated with that one. Loving tan 2 hour medium has same color as 6 hour dark. Smells very nice and not hard to apply just not as easy as st tropez. Has a real, natural looking color for everyone’s skin tone. Obviously, more coats equals less natural tan. Remember prep, application, and post-tanning matters. I prefer using a sock instead of mitt. I’ve used manyyy self tanners but loving tan and st tropez are the winners. Bottom line – St. Tropez is amazing for skin tones except for naturally orangey tones. It’s my favorite for the winter since it looks super natural with one coat on for 3-4 hours. Loving tan medium 2 hour is great for starting with a very pale color, if you want it to appear natural. Then loving tan 2 hour dark is perfect and seems natural if you stay consistent. Don’t waste your time on ‘Deluxe’ loving tan, only get the 2 hours(unless your buying ultra dark)

  3. Leighann McGowan
    Leighann McGowan says:

    I have very light skin tried both of these I still love the st Moritz $12.99 at target ….maybe this would be better on a medium skin tone ,looks unnatural on fair skin ..

  4. Suzanne Phillips
    Suzanne Phillips says:

    Hi! Thanks so much for asking! It worked beautifully! Can’t believe it. That tip about the brush for hands/feet/face was crucial I believe. All looks super natural and definitely noticeable. I do have probably a thousand more questions but I imagine I’ll figure it out the more I do it. Also, BTW, Macy’s is having a VIP sale today that INCLUDES BEAUTY PRODUCTS! Yes, I stocked up, of course! One thing in particular I was curious about was that Jergens Natural Glow lotion. Do you use that daily? Every couple of days? Less? More? Thanks again for your interest/attention. Your vid helped so, so much! Please keep it up! You rock!

  5. Suzanne Phillips
    Suzanne Phillips says:

    I have another probably dumb question. I'm using the St. Tropez Express product, and it says to exfoliate 24 hours before use. So, during those 24 hours, am I allowed to shower again? What if I sweat during the night? Basically, what do I do/don't do during those 24 hours? Thanks!

  6. Suzanne Phillips
    Suzanne Phillips says:

    This may be a really stupid question but, when you say to exfoliate before applying the tanner, I'm a bit confused because I exfoliate every day with one of those bath poufs, so are you talking about a specific kind of exfoliation? Should I not be using those poufs every day while getting my tan ready? Thanks!

  7. iryna nelson
    iryna nelson says:

    Norvell products are best!!! Always beautiful colors, never orange, strictly or funky looking. Use professional products and you will always will have a great color.

  8. Ian Bank
    Ian Bank says:

    To a lady of such class & elegance , wanted to share with you this amazing product which works so incredibly devine for myself and my wife
    Uuùuuu must try Liz Belford ORGANIC exotic self tanning spray so awesome this Self Tanner 🌺

  9. Sarah Makenna
    Sarah Makenna says:

    Ok so I used the loving tan 2 hr light/medium (I’m pale af) and it all came off after I showered and there was no change I’m so mad cuz it was expensive what did I do wrong??

  10. Smooch H
    Smooch H says:

    I just self tanned with StTropez for the first time! I’m loving it so much, I don’t turn orange either. I was skeptical bc I never have self tanned before.

  11. Steve  Davis
    Steve Davis says:

    By the way, can you please please please get more girl face stuff to put on your face ? The more thick the make-up on you looks really, really good.

  12. Steve  Davis
    Steve Davis says:

    I tried this on my eyes to get the look of your eyeballs , it did not work, i thought your eyeballs and included eyelids and lashes were real . Was i wrong.

  13. dritan beqollari
    dritan beqollari says:

    marim sulfur aminioacide te ndryshme shtojme fosfor natrium kalium kalcium karbone fokfoksine dioksine zink magnezium …..uje te oksigenuar hidrogjen aloevera jode kripe uthull karbohidrate te ndryshme vaj lule dielli…..temperatura +190 grade celcius……..

  14. Amber Rhymer
    Amber Rhymer says:

    Wow this video was so helpful! I’m so glad I watched this before fake tanning for the first time. I used to use the jergans natural glow in fair but it also made me orange so I stopped. This is my first time purchasing a self tanner and I’ve been stuck between the two. Your video has helped me tremendously!! Thank you! I’m going to get the St. Tropez since it is my first time and also I’m kinda on a budget so the less I have to repurchase the better 😂 thanks again!! ❤️

  15. Tara Cole
    Tara Cole says:

    Does anyone have advice on which one would work better on the face or have a recommendation for a great sunless tanner for the face?

  16. Michail Sykianakis
    Michail Sykianakis says:

    thank you. Great video. I wanted to ask you . I am using the Dark Loving tan and I love it. Its the best most convincing color ever. One thing I have to say is that the more​ expensive 2 hr version of it isnt quite as good and long lasting as the overninght Loving tan mouse. I have used St Tropez many years ago and I dont know if it has changed since then. What I found with St Tropez and id love your opinion on this is: The first application always looked a great color, relatively deep with a greenish undertone which i prefer any day over yellow. But if you use this a little too often you do start looking a little greenish moving over to yellowish and that didnt look natural. As I said it was a long time ago and they may have improived it since. The loving tan color is superb. I have used it on my face and the color is good for the face also. The only thing I found is that the product is really designed for the body and not the face. Even though the color looks good, I feel like I am getting the dryness and lack of lustre you get from using a body self tan on your face. I dont know if this isnt your experience or if you have any other amazing face self tanner that really isnt yellow. I am very particular about that and just returned the Clarins liquid bronze since it looked ever so slightly yellowey and not golden or reddish which I tend to find more convincing. Thank you again for your video and for your time if you read and respond to my message.

  17. The_ HungryDino
    The_ HungryDino says:

    Great video! Can you speak more to how you mixed the two? I normally spray tan, but trying to find an alternative I can do myself at home. I've tried the St Tropez and it wasn't quite dark enough for my liking. It actually looked fine on my arms, shoulders and up. I think that's because I get more actual sun there when I'm in the pool. So I tried applying a second coat the next night on the lower body parts that were lighter and that was a good solution although possibly a tad bit of an orange cast, but not bad. I find with any tanner your skin hits a limit of dha before it starts to turn a funky color even at the tanning booth. One time the automatic spray booth was out of service so they manually sprayed me, but used way too much and it came out pretty oompah loompah even though it's the exact same solution which normally looks great if not overapplied. I'd really like to try mixing the LT and ST as you mention because no matter how much I exfoliate or use lotion and then apply carefully and sparingly to hands and feet I have issues which I why I started going to a booth in the first place. However I found the ST was the best with that and I really didn't have any application issues for like the first time ever. Yay! Just wasn't as dark as I'd like to be although naturally I'm pretty fair at this point in August I'm tan and especially so with spray tan. I tried Tanceuticals and did not care for it. My skin didn't look any darker even though I used the dark shade and turned orange at my feet even though again I used lotion and applied sparingly. Love your videos and thanks 🙂

  18. Elusive Wombat
    Elusive Wombat says:

    I have been using the St. Tropez gradual shower gel and the Jergens medium/dark lotion and other than turning my feet orange in some places it seems to be working.

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