Gray Eye Makeup Tutorial | Natasha Denona Biba Palette

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Natasha Denona neutral biba eyeshadow palette

Benefit roller liner

Violet Voss lashes – eye want you back


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My Microblading Experience

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How to get Beautiful Natural Lashes

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Eyebrow Routine


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Filming camera

Filming lights

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50 replies
  1. Vasilikis Beauty Tips
    Vasilikis Beauty Tips says:

    The Violet Voss lashes are looking great with this eye look! I loved the tutorial 😀 🌸I also wanted to ask you, what microphone are you using? I'm trying to figure out what to get and I'm so lost. Thank you 💙

  2. Lori Is Awseome
    Lori Is Awseome says:

    Love this. One of my favorite palettes is a holiday Smashbox palette with grey shades. I can totally get this same look and love it. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

  3. blanca marmolejo
    blanca marmolejo says:

    Amazing! I don't have the Natasha denona biba, nor will I be spending the money to buy it, but I think I can totally pull this off (or get pretty close) with my naked 2 and naked basics 2 already in my collection. Thanks for another awesome wearable look. Great video!!!

  4. Sofía C. Rivero
    Sofía C. Rivero says:

    I would have never thought someone could make such a beautiful look using the grey shadows in the palette. You’re so talented Angela!
    Make more looks with this palette please. 😍

  5. uerrange e
    uerrange e says:

    It's refreshing to see a cool neutral makeup look. Not everyone suits warm orangey makeup! I have a cool/pink undertone and I find that grays, taupes and cool toned neutrals suits us cool undertoned girls more than warm tones. ❤️ And also looking at classic pictures and films, the eye makeup leans more in cool neutrals rather than warm colors, cool neutrals tend to be more elegant and timeless. 😉

  6. Kaykay
    Kaykay says:

    yes, I liked it without the wing, but the look is VERY nice. Thank you for doing a tutorial using the gray colors.. I have the palette and i haven't used the gray yet..

  7. Katie Fulton
    Katie Fulton says:

    SO Gorgeous! I’m really loving your channel- especially your Natasha Denona looks! I’m sold 100% now: you’ve addressed any concerns I had (plus your work, technique & wing game is so strong 💪 & you’re amazing!) You’re truly the Bob Ross of makeup – your “mistakes” morph into “happy accidents” and super stunning outcomes! 😍 Ooh- & congrats on your merch: I cannot wait to grab some! Lots of love, gorgeous! Best wishes always! ☮️💕🙏✨

  8. jenny koppy
    jenny koppy says:

    Girl- I just adore u! You are SO consistent in your filming and show us so many different, wearable looks! I, personally, love cool tone grays. I just have no idea what to do with them. So feel free to show us another look?!

  9. Sharon h
    Sharon h says:

    I love grey! Blue eyes look great with grey. Also, if you want to do a Smokey eye and you're mature, then grey is awesome! Black is too dark for my 50 something eyes!

  10. Caelyth Sterling
    Caelyth Sterling says:

    Thank you doing this look. I've been wanting to do a pretty gray eye look to go with a new blouse. Plus I think it will make my green eyes pop too. Very pretty look and your wing looked just fine. ♡♡♡

  11. Kathryn P
    Kathryn P says:

    That is a beautiful look, so chic. I love grey eyeshadow, it is one colour that I can wear with no problems at all. I agree with The Scarlet Flower, that so few palettes carry one, let alone any more shades of grey which is disappointing. If the Biba palette wasn't so expensive I would definitely buy it. But it is, so I won't 😟.
    The winged eyeliner now, that is one thing I cannot do without getting into a right old mess 😕….

  12. XProShopperX
    XProShopperX says:

    I actually don’t care if you don’t show your entire face. I follow these tutorials and they’re GREAT. I feel soo confident with myself when I follow your tutorials bc I’ve learned so much lol

  13. Call Me Kitten
    Call Me Kitten says:

    Actually it's the grey shades in this palette that make me want to buy it. But $139 is over the top for me. Ugh… But your look in this video is killing me! I am fighting my urge to run and get the palette. Love your tutorials! I need another brown neutral palette like I need a whole in my head. The addiction is real! Lol 😆

  14. Captain Kay
    Captain Kay says:

    Would you try out eyeshadows from revolution red alert an deep dive love ur creative eye shadow look I hope to do more of ur eye shadow looks when I can x

  15. Tania Heyes
    Tania Heyes says:

    Love grey eyeshadows and cool shades. Too many warm colour tutorials these days. Would love to see you do a look with the Zoeva En Taupe palette. Thanks Angela! x

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