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Fenty Beauty Global Makeup Artist Hector Espinal kicks off festival season with this bright and bronzed makeup tutorial using our new SUN STALK’R BRONZER. Get it here:


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32 replies
  1. Mona Pizzalover
    Mona Pizzalover says:

    Sorry but she doesn’t even need foundation she is already gorgeous? How is this showing us how the product works??? She has perfect skin. Can make up companies actually use people that look like an average person
    . 🙄

  2. bx Z
    bx Z says:

    I love this video since Coachella is coming up. I think us viewers would want to see a demo with people with problematic and/or everyday skin. Rosacea, acne scars and texture, dark circles, wrinkles, burn scars, people with a lot of freckling. A transformative tutorial.

    Shalom Blac would be an amazing model for a demo!

  3. Tmac1963
    Tmac1963 says:

    I had literally one bronzer that gave me the warmth I was looking for…. Until Mocha Mami & Coco Naughty! I’m so HYPED! I love bronzer in my crease but I have not put these 2 in my crease yet but I already know it’s going to be FIYA!

  4. s a
    s a says:

    If you make one mistake it's wearing lip gloss at a festival. You will be eating POUNDS of dust and dirt when it sticks to the gloss 🤢 crazy eyes and highlighter, minimal makeup for the rest

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