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The best self tanner for pale skin is about to be revealed. I’m testing out self tanners on my pale skin and let you decide which one is best!

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It’s so hard finding the right self tanner! Which self tanners are the most natural looking? Which self tanners don’t turn my skin orange? which self tanners are best for pale skin and which self tanners last the longest? Those are ALL questions I always having when trying to choose the best self tanner! It can be so frustrating! No one wants an orange self tanner that makes them look like an Oompa Loompa!

Almost all of the self tanners I show you are UNDER $20! And most of them are drugstore self tanners!

Check out my video TESTING 17 Self Tanners!

→ Amazon Prime (30 day free trial):
→ Quick Tan: $11.99
→ Selfie Tan N’ Go: $15.00
→ Sugar Baby: $14.16
→ Fake Bake w/ Free Mitt: $13.40
→ Salon Bronze: $12.99
→ St. Tropez: $39.60
→ Tarte Brazilliance Plus with Mitt: $65.49
→ smaller travel size: $11.35
→ Sublime Glow Gradual Tanner: 7.83

Self Tanner Review – SMELL TEST – Stench rating 1-5 (5=grossest)
Quick Tan- Smells like a cake when it goes on – Stench rating: 3
Selfie Tan n’ Go: Smells Fresh gong on – Stench rating: 2
Sugar Baby: Smells like a cookie going on – Stench Rating 3
Fake Bake: Smells like plastic going on – Stench Rating – 4
Salon Bronze: Smells like DISGUST going on – Stench Rating 5
St. Tropez: Smells like Baby Powder going on – Stench Rating – 2
Tarte: Smells like nothing going on – Stench Rating – 2
Sublime Bronze: Smells Sweet going on – Stench Rating – 1

Intro Song: Wonderwild by Hive Riot

Outro Song – Powers By: Lostboycrow

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  1. beat it
    beat it says:

    Try mine tan because they have a kit where you can create your own colour and it comes with four different undertones that you can mix into the self tanner base. Another one is by dollbeauty theirs smells like marshmallows and Rose's!

  2. iryna nelson
    iryna nelson says:

    Norvell product is the best. You get tropical exotic color of the beach. The best , never orange, strictly or uneven. Professional products. Mystic line is also very good.

  3. Catherine Nelson
    Catherine Nelson says:

    This was the most helpful self tanning video ever. Thank you so much for sacrificing your arm for a couple of days so that we may know the best self tanner ❤❤

  4. Philly girl Gina patrone
    Philly girl Gina patrone says:

    Look I love the idea that you did this tutorial but I have to say you look like you shoot up in your arm and I feel really bad I hope I'm wrong but if I'm not I'm praying for you God bless I don't think I'm wrong wow kind of just threw me off of all the tanning products wow

  5. Helios
    Helios says:

    Im olive medium dark skin . I get pale in the winter i want a golden hue onto my skin. Is that possible? What do u suggest

  6. Denise Paulsen
    Denise Paulsen says:

    I've tried every product. The one I settled on is L'Oréal Sublime Bronze tinted self tanner. It goes on without any streaks. It doesnt stink. Dries quickly. Fades naturally. Just love it. Plus it leaves a slight luminous glitter. Beautiful golden tone. And on your face it makes your teeth stand out. Makes them appear super white Enjoy it costs about $10 to $13. Sells in Walmart. Try it!

  7. Brittany Catalinaaa
    Brittany Catalinaaa says:

    I gave you a 👍 thumbs up because I really appreciate how you added the lasting power at the end. I was going to comment about how long they lasted but didn't need to 💕 thank you

  8. Amanda 1
    Amanda 1 says:

    Which tanner (featured or not) has the least DHA smell as it develops/after developing????? May just be my body chemistry, but every single one I have tried smells absolutely rancid on me and takes a few showers before I can stand to smell myself ! Help- I'm desperate!

  9. EricaYE6
    EricaYE6 says:

    Great experiment though. Very interesting. I'm a darkskin Black woman and actually want to make some areas of my body darker. Is there any self tanner out there for darker skin tones?

  10. Denise Dowson
    Denise Dowson says:

    Oh my gosh, how have I only just discovered you?! You had me in stitches all the way through 😂 Love your sense of humour! I think the selfie tan definitely looks best on you ☺️

  11. life with viky
    life with viky says:

    Tank you 100 times for your amazing video. I got pale skin and was never use any self taner before but want do my legs taned for comming party so it realy helps now me to choose.

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