Thank you guys so much for watching my self tan routine! Hope this video helps and you guys love this self tanner as much as I do!!

Here’s the link!

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  1. bluebehr
    bluebehr says:

    just letting you know, that product has alcohol in it. It is not safe for your face. The $40 self tanner you mentioned, possibly the Loving Tan, does not have alcohol in it, which is safe for you face. To my knowledge, every drugstore self tanner does have alcohol in it, unless you buy a specifically only face tanner.

  2. kitten
    kitten says:

    I have an issue with tanner not developing on my neck or chest. The rest of my body gets tan, but my neck and chest stays pale. Do you know why this happens? What can I do?

  3. FIVE5STAR92
    FIVE5STAR92 says:

    Okay , I have watched your video and you’ve convinced me to try self tanning (: . I have got a couple questions though I have gotten a spray tan before (which I’ll never do again) when I got my spray tan the lady who did it put a substance on my nails (my nails are more than likely always done) so the spray tan wouldn’t stain my nails I’d hate for this to stain my nails! Have you had problems with that I noticed your toes were painted in this video. My other question to you is how do you know when to reapply the JERGENS natural glow instant sun mousse because it fades away Id really appreciate the help since this would be my first time! ♥️

  4. Lily Brass
    Lily Brass says:

    would it be bad if i only put it on certain areas? like just on my upper body and not on my legs if i know i’m not going to be wearing shorts

  5. Alexia Combs
    Alexia Combs says:

    The light Bronze is not much lighter if any!! I have the deep and light bronze and sometimes I think the light bronze is darker!! I promise I’m not crazy 😂😂

  6. Kari Lewin
    Kari Lewin says:

    constrictive criticism. your lighting was way to yellow. some really bad lighting. also, bad camera angle. your makeup is really pretty on you.

  7. Chelsea Fricke
    Chelsea Fricke says:

    Sally hansens is better. Jergens color mix is orange, violet, yellow, red. While sally hansens is blue, red and yellow. The jergens foam is very orange while the sally hansens is a dark brown foam. Sally hansens last a very long time and goes on easily and streak free. Jergens clings to the ankles and hands while sally hansens blends in.

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