5 Basic Skincare Rules

Ever wondered what skincare products to use? What products do you really need? Everyone needs a skin care routine! So let me tell you everything you need to know before you start your basic skin care kit!!!

P.S Makeup Worn listed below and sorry if my voice sounds weird here….

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Make Up Worn:
1. Base – Le blacn de Chanel
2. Foundation – Vitalumiere Aqua B20
3. Powder – Vitalumiere Powder B20
4. Eyebrows – Tarte Eye brow Mousse – Medium Brown
5. Eyeshadow – Chanel Quad #mystic eyes
6. Mascara – Lancome Hypnose Star #Black
7. Lashes – eBay (find a link… soon)
8. Eyeliner – Lancome Artliner #black
9. Bronzer – NYC #sunny
10. Blush – Chanel blush horizon
11. Lips – NYX Matt Nude lipstick + MAC tangerine lipstick (I always like to mix lipsticks)

What I am wearing:
1. Earrings – Juicy Couture
2. Sweater – Artizia
3. Necklace – Juicy Couture
4. Ring (Pearl + Flower) – Forever21
5. Midi ring – Top Shop starter kit clear skin glass skin mia acne tips best skin care flawless


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  1. Tarena
    Tarena says:

    Is there is any ingredients we have to avoid? Or other way around – is there any ingredients there SHOULD BE in order to provide as best as possible effect on our skin?

  2. Laura Wagoner
    Laura Wagoner says:

    SPF doesn’t provide any sunblock protection .. it’s there just so the words add value to a product.. it literally does nothing positive.. they couldn’t, impossible with today’s technology, to make it strong enough to actually block any sun rays

  3. Kim Nini
    Kim Nini says:

    Hi, I’m just 13 years old and I have Pimples.
    Is it okay to do these Basic Routines? Isn’t it too much product for me??

    Pls Replyyy
    And sorry for my English:/

  4. Deepa Mohan
    Deepa Mohan says:

    Time to achieve a new and fresh look with dermatique now you can get the best skin care clinic in Banjara hills the Dermatique which provides you with all skin, hair, nails, and plastic surgery related treatments and is a house of different types of lasers that helps in skin rejuvenation and youthful, glowing skin.

  5. O Lek
    O Lek says:

    Between facial oil and serum which one has more density? I have been using essence,facial oil, serum and moisturizer. Definitely, essence is the first and moisturizer is the last.

  6. J.R. Wolf
    J.R. Wolf says:

    I was super interested in this video. Then you said something very incorrect regarding Ph balance… Natural Ph of skin is between 4 and 5. Now I’m questioning everything you said 😑

  7. Cheanne Ji
    Cheanne Ji says:

    Mine's just: Foam cleansing, deep cleansing and moisturizer 😂 I do this evety night. I only exfoliate when I have the time. I use different natural products for exfoliating tho. 😂 I'm a sucker

  8. Laiba Shah
    Laiba Shah says:

    I’m 13 and I am way into skincare because I like to naturally make my skin very good but my mum says that you shouldn’t really do much to your skin at this age because it’s still “baby” skin so can someone please tell me if skincare isn’t good or “the best” to use at this age – my skin isn’t terrible but I have dark circles and discoloured/dull skin so I try to brighten my complexion and get rid of those dark circles but I also have a deficiency in iron and vitamin D (I don’t get hungry that much) so I just want to know what is best for me and whether skincare is fine. *Note: I do wash my face and moisturise but I mean more skincare and less BASIC-BASIC

  9. Karo-kun
    Karo-kun says:

    That feeling when your skincare routine is wipe off dust and or oils after a day with toilet paper. I dont know why but whenever I do ANYTHING else to my face, hell breaks loose. If Im feeling a bit dry I sometimes moisturize a bit. Maby. It really is a gamble. Sure, my skin is not in a great shape, but major breakouts happen only on lot of stress and other "hormonal events". Wash my face and do all this stuff: my forehead, chin and EVERYTHING is covered in craters, no matter what products I use. Dont do anything: smooth and somewhat ok.

    Am I missing something or am I an alien? I dont wear makeup, could that be the reason this shit is impossible for me to figure out???

  10. Jamuna Reddy
    Jamuna Reddy says:

    In Winter Peoples are suffering from different skin and hair problems mainly. Dry skin, hair loss, dandruff, and acne etc are most commonly seen. now don’t worry now let us cut down that age barrier you can achieve that young looking skin and hair with

  11. Joyc Fadjar
    Joyc Fadjar says:

    I am 35 & for my past 20 years I neglected my skin care routine coz i was lazy & the products wr expensive ( but my skin has no issue at all) until i was about to hit 30 & i had the worst breakout for almost 4 years..

    Doctors can not figure out why just kept giving me their self made products… n accused hormonal issue / stress as main problem…

    Tried natural products like oil, extracts, aloe vera & even made my own soaps.. still didn’t work…

    Until I went to a very cold places for vacation & need some extra moisturizer – i started to realize i dont have any breakout in 2 weeks…

    Now i started to clean skin properly, put on toner, serum & moisturizer… magically all my skin issues are gone for 2 months now….

    I am here to understand the steps better… n agree as we getting old.. the skin rejuvenation is getting worse.. to those who underestimate skin care… lucky if your skins have no issues.. or else all the Treatments trial & error can be very frustrating & very very expensive…

  12. Smartgirl2004
    Smartgirl2004 says:

    The neutrogena exfoliated cleanser product I’m using can that be use for exfoliating and my cleanser for my face or do I need both exfoliater and facial cleanser as separate products ?

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